Hivemind Technologies

Our journey started back in 2011 with a plan to give people a better grasp and understanding of the enormous amount of data they produce, to enable them to better utilize it. Until now, we’d been working undercover to hone in our algorithm skills – planning and expanding upon our initial ideas. Now that our foundation’s been laid, we’re unharnessing what we’ve developed in order help you reign in your data and social media content. Whether you’re an online publisher, social media warrior, developer, or data analyst – Hivemind Technologies is here to make sure you can do more with and better understand your data.


  • API Access

    Our bleeding-edge API will funnel and filter your data – enabling you to gain intelligent insights. Learn more about our API here.

  • Publisher Tools

    Understanding what your readers want is a big deal. Our publisher tools will give you the insights you need to keep your readers hungry for more. Learn more about our Publisher Tools here.