About Hivemind

The Founders of Hivemind have built social platforms since 2004. Involved, amongst other projects, in the creation of the social video platform sevenload (acquired by Burda Group in 2010), social recommendation site and mobile app Qype (acquired by Yelp in 2012), we took our insights in how social interaction can shape content, and how the data from that interaction can be mined in numerous ways, to create a technology that would enable the next technology leap in business. It is our firm belief that the social data disruption has only just begun.

Social Data is about more than counting likes and shares or achieving viral success. Social interaction adds several dimensions to any content or transaction. This is such a fundamental paradigm shift that it will destroy industries and shape new ones. Hivemind applications will be at the center of these tectonic shifts. We can draw from unique experiences to create software that will harness all dimensions of social interaction: not just the social graph, but also location, time, moods, and topics. Our tools bridge the divide between a traditional semantic search approach and the behavioral outlook on user interaction most social bean counting solutions follow.

Incorporated in early 2014, Hivemind Technologies was born in 2011 out of a shared vision from our founders in stealth mode at curtis newton labs under the code name Alpha 12. Our core technologies were developed in more than 10 person years in 18 months. This gives us an edge in developing a comprehensive solution to mine, and target, social interaction in a variety of exciting ways. Naturally, our starting point is the publishing industry, the first to feel the disruption we are shaping. But there is more to come.

As a driving force behind numerous successful startups since 2005, and the developer of new, digital innovations, curtis newton labs embodies the successful fusion of idea-makers with a skilled team who can introduce a new product to market.