Giving publishers social insights

Virato Analytics

Virato Analytics is a digital solution for publishing houses, for news monitoring, editorial research and social trend analyses. The tool can be configured as needed and allows users to gain insight into news developments within the online social community.


Topical analysis of Twitter Profiles


The SocialTopicGraph allows users to analyze not only their own topics, but those of other twitter accounts as well. The topic analyses are displayed as a “bubble graphic” and with one click, three additional topic-relevant links from the user’s account are shown and other, similar twitter users are displayed.


Search your friends’ posted links

Oneview Facebook Search

The first ever social network link search app. The oneview search app enables users to make targeted link searches on Facebook. Shared content is therefore sustainably retrievable for specific topics – in addition to a user’s own links, they can also retrieve links from their friends as well as the oneview community.


Read the most viral news

Virato is a web and news aggregator for current news from thousands of sources from news portals to Blogs and webzines. The aggregated content is weighted and scored based on its distribution across social media platforms – in short: the more frequently an article is posted or liked on Facebook, Twitter oder Google+, the more relevance is given to that piece of content on Users also have the ability to define their own topics, thus creating their own customized online magazine.