API Access – gain insights

Think of our API (application programming interface for those of you not familiar with the term) as an advanced digital tool that enable software components to know how they should interact with one another. In other words, it ensures that your software/website is properly equipped to perform more complex sorting, filtering and even analysis tasks with your data. This in turn gives you more powerful insight about your content and thus will enable you to better understand your readers.

Our engineers worked hard on complicated algorithms in order to offer you an API that is capable of extracting simple, yet powerful data results – thus streamlining your data.

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Topic Identification

This component analyzes the structure and content of any given text, and determines its topical nature before returning a qualified list of concepts that match the given text, ranked by relevance. This allows us to accurately identify what a text is actually about.

Social Metrics

Provides you with information extracted from social media directly. Will show you statistics such as number of tweets/retweets, shares, likes etc. with a historic view of the development of a given source. This allows you to monitor the virality of any resource you’d like to observe, plus it will allow you to refine what type of content you post on social media as well as identify the type of content that receives the best feedback from your community.

Polarity Analysis

This tool is really quite ingenious. It is able to analyze a text and report the sentiment of the text and/or content back to you. The development of this tool as quite complex and its ability to tell you at the click of a button what the sentiment of the text is will enable you to save time and energy to interpret the thoughts of the author. Knowing what a text is about is only one side of the coin, understanding what users think about topics is crucial for any application or service on the social web. Hivemind’s polarity analysis utilizes computer linguistics to analyze the structure of sentences and determine the basic sentiment to reflect whether a user’s comment or post is positive, neutral or negative.

Language Detection

This component uses text analysis to recognize and identify which language a text was written in. Providing a huge benefit if you have a large amount of content from around the globe. At present, we support English, French and German – with more languages coming soon.

URI Canonicalization

Being able to trace back the original URL of a resource on the web is crucial if you want to reliably monitor the performance of that resource across all social networks and URL shortening services, such as bit.ly, to.co, etc. This component traces back every single redirect URL to its original source and allows us to merge statistics of any alias with its original.

News API

Our News API is able to create a filtered feed of content from major world news sources and relevant blogs and feeds; based upon user-specified search parameters – making global news digestible and comparable. Depending on the specificity of your search, the News API either casts a wide net or pulls in only a small and very explicit set of results.

Profile Insights

Profile Insights allows you to determine any users’ topical interests, virality and engagement rate in order to identify multipliers for your content and increase the odds of a viral spread by addressing people that care about your content.

Feed Monitoring

Measure social and viral performance of your feed in real-time while comparing your individual performance with that of your main competitors.

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