Development services

Looking for a team to make your dreams come true? We can support you with development services for a wide range of scenarios.



You got a kick-ass business idea but lack the technical knowledge to implement it?

Corporate spin-off

Feel like you’re missing the train? Need an external team for your new venture without legacy constraints in a fresh and agile environment?

Prototyping / PoCs

Test run the feasibility of your concept with prototypes that scale.

Mission-critical internal project

No way of freeing resources to implement a highly important internal project?

Open source

Got this project that could serve a bigger audience? Want to give back to the community or leverage open source business models?

Our contribution

Whether an inspired entrepreneur or a seasoned industry veteran, we got you covered. We take care of the entire product life cycle for you. Batteries included.

Our approach

We offer the full spectrum of services (UI design, backend architecture, deployment). Refine it, build it, test it, ship it. Repeat.

You get a small, compact team of industry experts that can work autonomously and iterate fast.

We use the newest technologies as a means to accelerate development; that means faster product to market while still providing high quality software that you can build on top of and do not have to throw away.

We love software minimalism; no vendor & consulting lock-in. No knowledge & technology silos.