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As a publisher, you are faced with a variety of challenges, one of the most daunting of which is understanding what type of content your readers want and what they engage with the most. However, today’s fast-paced, social media driven market simultaneously requires that your content be updated continuously in order, among other things, to drive the growth of your audience. This precarious balancing act is quite complicated and was what we had in mind while we developed our publisher tools.The following are our publisher tools, which have been released to date. If you’re interested in hearing more about our tools, please contact us here.

Virato Analytics

A real-time solution for publishers that encompasses news monitoring, editorial research features, and social trend analyses. Virato Analytics enables users to track and compare their own articles as well as those of other publishers. Social media trend recognition as well as article sentiment are just part of the features offered to you. Learn more

News Widgets

Enrich your site by adding relevant news feeds. Other than regular news feed widgets, our widgets only show the most viral content on the web.

News Feed API

Our News Feed API creates a filtered feed of content from major world news sources, based upon pre-determined parameters. This enables you to track global trending topics. Your search is its command.

Newsroom Dashboard

For publishing houses: Show your social news performance on large screens in your newsroom

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