Do you have a kick-ass business idea but lack the technical skills or staff to implement it? Do you need to realise an important internal project, but your team is fully occupied with the day-to-day business? Do you need to update or scale your IT infrastructure, but you don't know where to start? 

Whether you're an inspired entrepreneur or an experienced industry veteran, we got you covered. We offer the full spectrum of development services: Proof of concept, prototyping, UI design, back-end architecture, and deployment. We take care of the entire product life cycle for you. Batteries included.

State of the art software engineering, consulting & developing

Working with the newest technologies allows us to accelerate development while providing high-quality, scalable and persistent software. We support you with an external development team for your new venture in a fresh and agile environment. Our longstanding industry experts can provide you with proof of concepts and scalable prototypes.

We believe in sharing knowledge: No knowledge and technology silos. No vendor or consulting lock-ins. We support your team with all essential expertise. We provide training for your team, offering deep insights into functional programming, cloud infrastructure and how to use the DevOps approach.

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Why choose Hivemind?


Benefit from the longstanding experience of our senior developers.

We use the newest technologies to accelerate development.

We deliver high-quality software fast, in short iterations.

We provide proof of concepts or develop prototypes that can be scaled later on.

No lock-ins: We believe in sharing knowledge and want to empower your own team.