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Since 2014, Hivemind has specialised in developing comprehensive data processing solutions for businesses across various industries. Our mission is to help companies use their data to drive their business forward. We base our services are based on three pillars: strategy, development, and implementation/operation. Our consulting teams consist of infrastructure and development experts with deep knowledge of modern data technologies, automated processing in Big Data environments, and scalable data centre operations in the cloud (AWS) and hybrid environments.

find a cloud solution that suits your needs and budget 

_harness the power of your data

Transforming raw data into meaningful insights that drive business growth is our heart and soul. Our years of expertise in data strategy and technology allow us to design and implement customised solutions that best meet our client's needs. We take a holistic approach to this. We work closely with our clients to understand their data infrastructure, select the right technology stack, design automated processes, and help build a client's in-house team, as well as train existing teams in new technologies. At HIVEMIND, we are committed to providing only the most innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. 

Our tech stack includes Kafka, Kubernetes, Terraform (IaC), Elasticsearch, and of course custom solutions. Our ambition is to always develop and deliver lean solutions with the best possible cost-benefit factor for the individual needs of our customers. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to help you harness the power of your data, then HIVEMIND Technologies is the right place for you.

migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly
state of the art technologies and high-quality software on which you can build in the long term

_Painless Tranformation        

migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly

The pace of technological advancement and innovation is ever increasing, with seismic events shaking up entire industries - be it driven by products such as smartphones and electric vehicles or societal events such as COVID-19. Business face unprecedented challenges in a world that is constantly changing.

This puts immense pressure on business operations and corporate IT. Applications and Infrastructure must be flexible enough to adapt to new requirements quickly. Scalability is key for expansion and growth while keeping operational costs within reasonable limits.

IT systems and applications over the years often grow to a high level of complexity, built as a single unit with many non-transparent and intertwined dependencies. Modernising or even eliminating legacy systems can be painful. We will help you find the best solution for your needs, to migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly.  We help your organisation plan and execute migration and modernisation projects with fast feedback loops, controlled transitions and happy customers.

smoothly migrate your monolithic IT systems to modern microservices

_Knowledge increases by sharing

We believe in sharing knowledge rather than gatekeeping it: We support your team with all essential expertise throughout the entire development cycle. We help you boost your team's skillset with lean and practical trainings delivered by experts. We offer practical workshops and trainings to improve skills and knowledge, and pairing sessions with experienced developers to accelerate learning. Furthermore, we offer one-on-one pairing sessions with our experienced developers. This enables your team to work closely with our experts and learn from their experience, helping to accelerate the learning process and improve the quality of work produced. 

We establish a culture of ownership and DevOps mindset, empowering your team to take ownership of their work and collaborate more effectively. This not only leads to better quality software but also shortens development and deployment cycles, saving your team time and resources.

At our company, we're committed to providing your team with the support and expertise they need to succeed. 

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Having high quality tools is essential for delivering high quality products. Therefore, choosing the right tech stack is an important factor for fast and reliable software development. We use state-of-the-art technologies, to build robust software architectures and high-performing systems that meet the expectations of ourselves and our customers.

[Apache Kafka.]

_Take advantage of our track record with Kafka

Take advantage of Kafka and the Kafka family of components, such as KSQL, Kafka Connect, Schema Registry and MirrorMaker. Our experienced team supports you in developing professional real-time data pipelines and applications for streaming data on top of your Kafka deployment.

We help you successfully deploy Kafka: 

  • on your own on-premises infrastructure
  • in Kubernetes
  • and on various cloud platforms such as AWS, GC, and Azure.

We also provide training and implementations of Kafka-powered microservices.

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