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Modern Software Architecture

Dealing with legacy systems and enterprise monoliths is neither fun nor easy. This workshop will provide you with all the necessary know-how, tools and techniques to safely migrate your monolith to a modern serverless or microservice architecture that you can rely on.


  • Patterns
  • Strangler pattern
  • Expand & contract
  • Change data capture (CDC)
  • Event sourcing
  • Command query responsibility segregation (CQRS)
  • Saga pattern

Building a reproducible Cloud Infrastructure

In the age of cloud-native computing, reproducible infrastructures are more important than ever before. This workshop will give you a brief introduction to modern infrastructure codification (IaC). You will learn how to set up a complete microservice using Terraform from Hashicorp and CDK for AWS.


  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Terraform & AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)
  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Cost management

Functional programming 

quick start

Functional programming makes code more concise, transparent and less error-prone. It is no coincidence that it has seen a significant upswing in popularity over the recent years. But even professionals with years of experience might struggle with the paradigm shift from object-oriented to functional programming. We offer a comprehensive quickstart so your team can get started right away.


  • Principles of functional programming
    • Functions as first-class citizens
    • Immutability
    • Totality and referential transparency
    • No side-effects
  • Concepts
    • Algebraic data types
    • Type classes
    • Functors and monads
    • Recursion schemes
    • Type-level programming
  • Pragmatic FP with Scala, PureScript, Typescript, Dhall

Working remotely

The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged the way we collaborate. As a "remote-first" company, we debunk common misconceptions about working in a distributed, asynchronous team and address potential productivity, hiring, and team building pitfalls.



In this workshop, we would like to share with you our successes and failures from over two years of remote work

  • Lessons learned
  • Techniques to overcome the communication hurdle
  • Tools beyond Slack and Zoom to boost productivity
  • Effective remote development workflows

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