To keep pace with a constantly changing business world, technologies must flexibly adapt to new requirements quickly. Changing or scaling a monolith can be a tough challenge. Monolithic applications often grow to a high level of complexity, built as a single unit with many intransparent and intertwined dependencies. After a certain point, modifying a monolith or isolating a single service for a specific purpose becomes more and more difficult and costly.

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Without proper preparation and planning, deprecating a monolith can be painful. We help you find the best solution for your needs. We will migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly.

We work in close cooperation with you during the whole migration process. After an in-depth analysis of your system by our senior development team, we will develop a migration plan to ensure a frictionless transformation. We always pursue a simple, best-practice approach – but with long-term scalability in mind.

Thanks to our passion for functional programming and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we build deterministic, reproducible systems. This way, control over your infrastructure remains in your hands. We also believe that getting your team on board and sharing knowledge is key to success: We offer training, workshops, and pairing sessions to empower your team with our knowledge and inspire them to embrace the change.

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Benefits of Microservices:


[_ Scalability .]

[_ Flexibility.]

[_ Business continuity .]

[_ Collaboration efficiency .]

[_ Reduced IT costs .]

Why choose Hivemind?


Benefit from the longstanding experience of our senior development team.

We believe in sharing knowledge to empower your teams.

We use functional programming and IaC to develop reproducible systems and remain in your hands.

We always pursue a best-practice approach, striving to create things as simple and efficient as possible.

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