Finding the best solution for a problem often requires thinking outside the box and viewing things from different angles. This is why we believe software developers are artists rather than engineers. Although we might "talk" to machines every day in our line of work, we're fundamentally very social beings and consulting is a people business. To solve hard problems and excel at our work, we need a supportive and healthy environment which helps us unlock our potential and creativity. Yet - creating a highly productive work environment takes more than just stand-ups, free Mate drinks and a footsie table. It's about creating a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for everyone.

We're passionate about work. We're kind and respectful. We're mentors and mentees. And most importantly: We actually like each other. 

Openness, diversity and mutual trust are core values that we share. We believe that sharing knowledge and supporting each other is key to success. We want to have a clear conscience and make a difference: that's why we choose both new colleagues and clients cautiously. We don't do projects with companies who are involved in fossil fuels, surveillance or the defence industry. We do due diligence to check potential customers along these guidelines. We care about our planet. We make a pledge to make the world a better place and to do what is within our possibilities to preserve it.

We welcome people who share our values and support improvements in human interaction, fairness and sustainability – on all levels. We are tolerant and open towards everyone. Sexism, racism, homophobia, LGBTQ+ hostility or any other kind of toxic behaviour have no place at Hivemind. We also want to be a safe space for neurodiverse people or those struggling with depression or anxiety.

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We want to empower everyone to live up to their potential, all the while staying healthy and having a good work life balance.

We want everyone to shape their lives according to their needs and circumstances instead of being serfs of the company. And most importantly, everyone chooses how much they want to work. The part-time arrangement is a fundamental right at Hivemind! And life changes as time goes by, and so do our work arrangements according to what is going on in our employees' lives. We make space for our private and family life. And when we say that family comes first, we mean family in the sense of who you define as your family. Your loved ones. No one can perform well and work when they are worrying or stressing about their loved ones. Be it that you have to take your child to the doctor or pick it up from school, that you have to take care of your mother or grandfather or take your pet to the vet. It comes first. We take out all the stressors in order for everyone to be at their best.

We don't work more than 38 hours per week - and don't do overtime. 

We believe that overtime is mainly caused by inadequate staffing, bad planning and poor work practices. That is why we are determined to avoid any kind of bullsh*t of the kind that slows down workflow, blocks creativity, creates bureaucracy or obstructs progress. We have a non-negotiable "no BS rule": Keep things simple and get stuff done! We aim for logic and structure while avoiding unnecessary complexities and waste. We develop and scale projects bottom up to build stable and high-quality software fast – in small increments, without unnecessary detours.

The foundation that underlies everything we do is the DevOps mentality, combined with extreme programming practices (XP) and a strict "team first" approach. To avoid having to fight against rigid architectural constraints rather than finding practical solutions for the desired feature, the team must be able to independently run the entire development process from planning to delivery. The team decides (whenever possible) how products and solutions are being built and implemented.

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At Hivemind, we foster a culture of constant respectful communication and feedback amongst team members, managers and the customer. Infrastructure engineers and software developers work together with stakeholders and designers in one joint team. As a result, we not only deliver software – we empower our clients to establish a culture of ownership and anchor the DevOps mindset within their team.