[_Streamline your Software Development.]

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing technology industry, organisations need to respond quickly and effectively to changing requirements, priorities and market conditions. That's why at Hivemind we rely on Extreme Programming (XP) as our preferred method for software development. You too can benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the business.

[_What is XP?]

Extreme Programming (XP) is an agile framework for software development that aims to achieve higher software quality and a better quality of life for the development team. It places a strong emphasis on high software quality, rapid delivery, customer involvement, and empowering the development team through a continuous test-driven product development. XP encourages constant feedback loops and small, incremental releases to ensure adaptability to changing requirements.

[_Why XP?]

XP puts cross-functional teams at the heart of the development process. Instead of fighting against rigid top-down specifications, it empowers the team to build software in small increments from the bottom-up, choosing the best tools and practices. Regular feedback loops, user involvement and rapid iterations ensure that the client's requirements are always aligned with the product as it evolves.

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[_Lightning-Fast Software Development]

XP speeds up development time and gets your innovative product to market in record time.

[_Cost Savings]

XP helps reduce development costs by streamlining processes, minimising risk and maximising value.

[_High Code Quality]

With XP, quality is paramount! Frequent testing, continuous integration and rigorous code reviews ensure your software is of the highest quality.


[_How is XP different from Scrum?]

Scrum focuses heavily on project management, planning, and fixed-length Sprints (2-4 weeks), with changes to the product being restricted during a Sprint. XP emphasises continuous, test-driven deployment. This means that code is being delivered constantly and in incrementally small steps, every day, hour or even every minute. While Scrum emphasises focus, planning and commitment, XP values communication, simplicity, and best practices. 

[_Get started today!]

Adopting a new methodology can be daunting, but our experience with XP can guide your organisation through the process. Our team has extensive experience with XP and can train and support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn how Hivemind can accelerate your software development with Extreme Programming (XP) and help you achieve your business goals.